How do As-Built Drawings impact liability?

Having As-Built Drawings reflect your proactive stance on safety and emergency preparedness in the workplace. If there is an accident or active shooter incident on your property, the question of liability is broached. If the property does not comply with state and federal building and safety regulations and restrictions, you and/or your business may be liable. An As-Built Drawing will identify code compliance issues and let you address them before a situation arises.

If there was a correctable condition and you did not correct it, you may liable.

Insurance coverage may help, but depending on the situation, it might not be enough for your situation.

On the flipside, if you proactively took steps to prevent injury and had policies and procedures in place based on the workspace flow and plan, your good faith and actions may reduce your liability.

Remember, it is not just the victims you want to protect. They have families, too. Lawsuits often come after the incident and can affect you, your company, the city and many others.